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Unclaimed Royalties

Managing the rights of communication to public and the right of private copying, ZAMP holds the monopolistic license within the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, which enables us to represent a global catalogue of literary works which are being used in Slovenia. Therefore, ZAMP regularly edits also a list of the works that have been used and for which we reserve unclaimed royalties, as their rightholders are currently unknown both to us and to our sister societies.

ZAMP is actively involved in searching for such rightholders, for example via court inquiries, in order to identify them and be able to pay their royalties. One of the methods to find unknown rightholders is placing the list of such authors and their works on the website of ZAMP where the authors and the rightholders can identify themselves, which enables the process of receiving their royalties.

If you are an author or a rightholder, register your works and become a member of ZAMP.

List of works with reported usage 


List of works - unidentified rightholders

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