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ZAMP Slovenia


Official name: ZAMP – Združenje avtorjev Slovenije, k.o.

Full official name:   Združenje avtorjev in nosilcev malih in drugih avtorskih pravic Slovenije, k.o.

Common English name:  ZAMP Slovenia

Founded in: 1996

Licensed Collective Management Organisation in Slovenia since: 1997

Managed rights: ZAMP Slovenia is managing authors` rights of written works in the field of literature, science, journalism and their translations as follows:

  1. Communication to the public (global repertoire, obligatory collective management)
    • Radio and TV broadcasting
    • Live public performance/playback
    • Background performance/playback
    • Cable retransmission and direct injection
  2. Private copying (global repertoire, obligatory collective management)
  3. Press digests, clipping, reproduction of articles
  4. Reproduction of extracts in schoolbooks and other publications for educational purposes
  5. Reproduction on phonograms and videograms
  6. Reproduction for advertising purposes

Number of members: 1.277

Number of direct mandates: 1.856

Distribution frequency: once a year

Main governing legislation: 

  • Copyright and Related Rights Act (ZASP, in Slovenian)
  • Act Regulating Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights (ZKUASP, in Slovenian)

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